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India Mark II hand pump / pipe line
Fund Allotment 2014
Year mark quality pipe payjal projects
Fund Allotment 2014-15, let no 1847,1848,1849,1850
Fund Allotment 2014
Difficulties in pipeline works under jalmani program
Fund Allotment 2013-14
PFund Allotment 2013-14
Pipe Payjal Projects fund Allotment 2014
Gramin Payjal- Fund Allotment 2014
Pipe Payjal Projects
Gramin Payjal Project
Effect of Solar Based Year Mark in pipe payjal projects
Fund Allotment 2014-15
Fund Allotment 2013-2014
Fund Allotment 2013-2014
Fund Allotment 2013-14 (Multi Sectoral District Devlopment Plan)
Funds Allotment May 2014
Fund Allotment 2013-14
Fund Allotment 2013-14 (Year Marked Water Quality Pipe Payjal Projects)
Fund Allotment 2013-14
Pipe Payjal Projects
Fund Allotment 2014-15
Release of money - Piped water supply and India mark-II HP Bundelkhand special package
Release of money - Water supply projects under Bundelkhand package
GPF advanced payment
Proforma for contract Bond
Draft ESAMP for disclosure
Installation of India Mark II Handpump
Answer of querieson tender of konia PS - Bhagwanpur- Pack-P5
Pipe Payjal Project-1
Pipe Payjal Project-2
Installation of India Mark II Handpump
Multi Sectoral district development plan
EMP and DDR of Allahabad Sewerage Projects, District A & E
Sample of World Bond Bid Document
Fund Allotment 2013-2014
Recruitment notice for the post of Accountant / Divisional Accountant and Senior Auditor
Information for recruitment for the post of assistant engineer and junior engineer
Revised House Rent
To Convert Saving/Current bank accounts of UP Jal Nigam to higher interest FLEXI Accounts
Fund Allotment 2013-2014
Water Tax Recovery Information
Revised Information for Recruitment
Information for Recruitment
Details of works done by U.P. Jal Nigam in Rural area-1
Details of works done by U.P. Jal Nigam in Rural area-2
Fund Allotment 2013
Tentative Seniority List of Asst. Engineers
Fund Allotment 2012-2013
Fund Allotment 2012-2013
Zone Wise Report 01 Jan - 31 Jan 2013
EOI first
PC_Target 12-13
Fund Allotment 2012#
Fund Allotment 2012
Fund Released May 2012-2013
SLSSC minutes 13.4.12 RMT
Water meter- draft tender
NSS Districts
6th Pay Commission Fixation- Jal Nigam Personnel
6th Pay Commission Fixation- Jal Nigam Field Personnel
Available Tankers of Different Draught District
JalMani-Proposed schools
JalMani-Proposed schools Annexure 171
Uncovered (w/s) schools
Uncovered (w/s) schools Annexure 172
Backlog recruitment -SC- Steno 2011
Backlog Vacancy, Lucknow
Backlog Vacancy, Banda
Sample Water Security Plan

Steno SC Recruitment Form

OBC Backlog Recruitment Form

District Water Security Plan

Zonal/Circle/Division offices.


Information Officers

TAC pending cases

TAC pending cases

Special Back log Recruitment drive

Junior Engineer Recruitment

Instruction for Lab entry

Instruction for HP entry & FTK Testing Entry

Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF)

Regarding payscale 14300-400-18300

Funds Allotment4_2011

Funds Allotment HP-2012

Funds Allotment HP-2012

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