Aashram Chapter 3 Release Date! News, आश्रम सीजन 3 कब आएगा

Introduction – As one of the most popular and viewed original series made by MX Player, the Aashram web series is directed by Prakash Jha. The story is about the caste system, corruption, dirty politics, and blind faith. MX Player recorded the most views and interest for the web series Aashram. Check Aashram Season 3 News. As a result, Ashram Season 3 has been announced. In Ashram Season 2, the suspense was high, and in the upcoming Aashram Season 3, the secrets will be revealed.

Aashram Chapter 3 Release Date

There are too many questions that may arise in your mind regarding Season 3 about the caste, release date, and any changes in the series—everything I have discussed in this article.

Plot – Kashipur wale Baba Nirala is a self-proclaimed Godman who has built an empire in Kashipur. He derives his power from his influence over the lower strata. People started treating him as a God; he stood up for them on some occasion. As he rescues Pammi, a lower caste girl, he draws her into his love. In the critical times of the state elections, the sudden appearance of a skeleton within the forest land disrupts the peace in the city. All the links in the investigation point mysteriously towards THE AASHRAM.

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आश्रम सीजन 3 कब आएगा

The Sub-inspector Ujagar Sing and constable Sadhu discover hidden dark secrets about Aashram as Baba Nirala, the real face of Kashipur wale. Baba is also the idol of youth by inviting Tinka Singh to perform. Baba is now the focal point of attention for both the political candidates and the voters who will be contesting the state elections. Pammi, a blind devotee to Baba, continues her flourishing inside the Aashram.

Aashram Season 3 Release Date 2021
Aashram Season 3 Release Date 2021

What will her blind faith in Baba take her? He is a true monster who exploits young girls behind his image of a prophet.

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Caste of Aashram

Bobby Deol Kashipur Wale Baba Nirala
Chandan Roy Sanyal Bhopa Swami (Bhupendra Singh)
Aaditi Pohankar Parminder (Pammi)
Tushar Pandey Satti (Satwinder Lochan)
Darshan Kumar SI Ujagar Singh
Anupriya Goenka Dr. Natasha
Tridha Choudhury Babita
Vikram Kochhar Sadhu Sharma
Anil Rastogi CM Sundar Lal
Sachin Shroff Hukum Singh
Anurita Jha  Kavita
Rajeev Siddhartha  Akki
Jahangir Khan Michael Rathi
Kanupriya Gupta Mohini – Sohini
Adhyayan Suman Tinka Singh
Tanmay Ranjan  Dilawar
Vikram Katyal  Himanshu (Kavita’s Brother)
Mala Sinha Kavita’s Mother
Keshav Pandit Kavita’s Father
Sandeep Yaadav Bagga

Ashram Season 3 release date

After Season 1 and 2, it is confirmed that season 3 will be released and it is expected in early 2022 or you can say the end of 2021.

Review and Rating – It has 7.3 and 3 stars out of 5 on MX Player

Aashram is fundamentally about faith. It’s not only about the religious type and its fallacies. As a multitude of characters joins and leave this parade of the putrescent, a very busy plot moves at a good pace.

The balance favors malign forces, represented by corrupt policemen and marauding killers. While a few truth-seekers and justice seekers still believe in the Constitution and the system, they face immense obstacles as they try to dig their way in.

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Well from my point of view it’s definitely worth watching because you can’t get any better series for free. It has an engaging story with suspense and thrills perfect time pass.


Although you can’t say it’s a perfect show because there are many repetitive and unnecessary scenes present inside the story that stretches the story and delay the crucial part of the storyline. Most of the web series are adding sex scenes just to attract audiences and introduce them to the story. We can’t blame the writer and director for these things because of the majority of people like it that way. First, we have to change our society’s mindset so that the viewer gets attracted because of the story, not for the lust.

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