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In today’s era, half of the world’s population is infected with the most common disease which is known as coronavirus disease. In order to overcome this hazardous problem, corona vaccination has been introduced. It is being organized in the country on the large scale and millions of people are getting vaccinated on the daily basis. People are facing difficulties in booking corona vaccine slots and in downloading covid vaccination certificates from various sources.

Covid Vaccine Certificate Download

A Covid vaccine certificate is a certificate which is issued by the government that offers an assurance to the citizens about the type of vaccination used, and the provisional certificate which gives the information regarding the next vaccination due. The mobile number is the very important factor too. Corona vaccination certificate cannot be downloaded without entering the mobile number. Also, you can download certification with mobile number using:

Cowin website

Aarogya setu app

Umang app

Digilocker app

Now, if you talk about some specific corrections in the Covid vaccine certificate, errors in the certificate such as  Name, Aadhar Number, Mobile Number, Father Name, Dose date from the official portal can be rectified easily. It is very crucial to know the accurate procedure for correcting, so here is the complete process for making the changes in your Covid vaccine certificate.

Corona Vaccine Certificate Correction online

  • Visit the official website: GO TO COWIN.GOV.IN.
  • Tap REGISTER/SIGN In yourself at the top.
  • Enter your registered number and enter the OTP for verification and proceed.
  • When your verification will get completed, you will be at the homepage.
  • Now you can tap the raise an issue option at the top > select the member > choose Correction in the certificate.
  • With the self-correction option, you can choose the details you want to rectify in your vaccine certificate.
  • Remember that you can edit only two things out of your name, date of birth, gender, and Aadhaar card number/PAN card/passport number.
  • Now enter the correct details and then tap to continue and submit.
Corona Vaccine Certificate Verification
Corona Vaccine Certificate Verification

Finally, once you are done, your certificate will show the required changes.

Now the people can make the changes in Name, DOB, Age, Photo, Gender, etc. Moreover, the government is assisting people to rectify the mistakes and make it easy for the people. This will help you to know that whether the vaccination certificate is original or not. Therefore, you can verify the Covid Vaccine certificate.

Certificate Corona Vaccine Certificate online
Under Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
Check COVID Certificate Correct online
Official Portal

COVID Vaccine Certificate Download

Once you are vaccinated, the government issues a certificate as proof of vaccination. Also, it has a secure QR code to safeguard from any falsification. The authentification can be easily checked from the official website. The process is given below:

  • Go to the Covid site and click on verify certificate button.
  • Click on Scan QR Code.
  • Scan the QR Code.
  • On successful verification, certificate successfully vaccinated or it will show certificate invalid.

This is how you can check the authenticity of the Covid Vaccine Certificate correction procedure. The process is so simple and easy to check whether your certificate is authentic or not.

People do travel from one country to another, from one state to another for work purposes, business dealings, job procurements, social events, global studies, traveling, and many more reasons. As the circumstances have become the worst right after the first wave. In the respective first wave, the situation was under controllable by following the right measures such as imposing lockdown strategy all over the world as the vaccination was not launched by that time. However, the Government tried to tackle the situation by spreading awareness among the people and providing various e-services in order to stop the flourishment of the virus.

COVID Vaccine Certificate Correction Form

During the second wave of coronavirus, the situation got very worst. A Lot of people lost their lives all over the world. Though vaccination [free of cost]has been launched by that time still many of the lives could not be saved. Now the Government is trying to balance out the financial losses in order to build up a harmony amongst the public.

If you or any member of your family is in home isolation and is not feeling well and having the symptoms like running nose, throat pain, fever, body ache, or headache, you can call the Corona helpline number. Moreover, you can ask any query about the issues related to your health by calling the helpline.

Below is the table showing details of Corona Helpline number as per the state. In case of emergency, you can call on these numbers and tell them your corona-related problems.

Corona Helpline Number State Wise

State Name                        Corona State Helpline Number

Arunachal Pradesh            9436055743

Andaman and Nicobar      03192-232102

Andhra Pradesh                  0866-2410978

Chandigarh                          9779558282

Assam                                    6913347770

Bihar                                     104

Dadra & Nagar Haveli        104

Chhattisgarh                        077122-35091

Gujarat                                 104

Delhi                                    011-22307145

Goa                                      104

Jammu                                 01912520982

Haryana                              8558893911

Jharkhand                          104

Himachal Pradesh             104

Kashmir                                01942440283

Karnataka                           104

Ladakh                                 01982256462

Madhya Pradesh                 0755-2527177

Kerala                                     0471-2552056

Lakshadweep                       104

Meghalaya                           108

Maharashtra                         020-26127394

Manipur                                3852411668

Mizoram                               102

Puducherry                           104

Nagaland                               7005539653

Odisha                                    9439994859

Tamil Nadu                            044-29510500

Rajasthan                               0141-2225624

Telangana                               104

Punjab                                     104

Sikkim                                      104

Uttar Pradesh                        18001805145

Tripura                                   0381-2315879

West Bengal                         3323412600

Uttarakhand                         104

Central Covid helpline number: 011-23978046

In order to defeat corona, the government has ordered all states to keep their helpline numbers’ lives 24/7. The government ensures to save as many lives as they can by providing these helpline numbers actively. When you call on the specific helpline, the health officer enquires you about all the symptoms you are suffering from, then accordingly he guides you with the prescribed medicines with some precautionary measures as well.

Infact, the government has also launched toll-free numbers and all India numbers so that no patient gets deprived of medical treatment in the absence of contact.

Corona Vaccine Helpline number


1075 (Toll-Free No.)


011-2397 8046 (All India Helpline Number)

0120-447 3222 (Query related to App)

Website:  Official Website

Email: [email protected] (For Grievances and Feedback)

Corona Vaccine registration for 12 years above
Corona Vaccine registration for 12 years above

All these above helplines have only been used to send the information of corona patients to the health Department. You can also visit the official website as well as can mail to the above email Id for grievances and feedback.

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